We are Legacy Futures

With over 50 years of experience, our three Legacy Futures businesses have mastered everything legacy giving, beginning to end. Here’s how we can help you.

We do everything legacy

Legacy Futures is a leading legacy giving consultancy, helping over 200 charities worldwide to harness the transformative power of legacy giving, through gifts in Wills and In-Memory giving.

We believe that legacy giving is the future, where every legacy donor joins a conversation between generations, connecting their past with our future. Our purpose is to help charities grow through legacy giving and to ensure the conversation lives on, in every step of the legacy journey.

We bring together the unrivalled expertise of the sector’s best consultants, to offer the insight and analysis of Legacy Foresight, the strategic thinking and communications of Legacy Voice, and the diligent administration of Legacy Link.

Legacy giving means the world to us.

That’s why we do everything legacy.

What is legacy giving?

Legacy giving is most often used when talking about the precious gifts left to charities in Wills.

We see legacy giving as being more than this. Legacy giving is about motivation. It is the motivation to have a life live on through causes loved, to help shape the future, whether through gifts made in a Will or gifts made In Memory of a loved one.

Gifts in Wills create a legacy for the person themselves. Gifts In Memory create a legacy for a loved one. Together they give purpose and meaning to millions of people worldwide.

Every step of the way

We help your charity understand, create and achieve an exceptional gifts in Wills or In Memory giving strategy.

Legacy Foresight

Insight & Research

Inform your fundraising strategy with market leading research and analysis, gained over 25 years.

Every insight counts

Legacy Voice


Kickstart or reboot your fundraising programme - with a clear strategy and inspired communications.

Every donor counts

Legacy Link


Access experienced consultants, increase gifts in Wills income, speed up receipt, and mitigate risk.

Every gift counts

Our Values

Legacy giving is all about values. These are the ones we live by in all that we do, as a team, with our clients, and our partners around the sector.

Our People

Experience is everything. Our team has been immersed in decades of gifts in Wills and In Memory giving, driven by a shared vision for the sector and unwavering commitment to its development for the good of the charities we work with.