CIOF – Fundraisers in Christian Organisations

FICO Autumn Event – Recession-Proof your Fundraising

Talk of a recession is everywhere – but charity services are needed more now than ever. What will inflation do for your bottom line, and for your beneficiaries? This in-person conference is for fundraisers in Christian organisations who want to recession-proof their fundraising for the year ahead.

We will hear from experts in the psychology of Christian donors, legacy fundraising and high value donors. There will also be an opportunity to bring an appeal or other fundraising item you are working on for peer review – let fundraising colleagues help you make the most of your opportunity.

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Inspiring people to leave gifts in wills


Prof Adrian Sargeant, Co-Director of the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy.

Dr Claire Routley fundraising consultant at Legacy Voice (Part of Legacy Futures Group).

Howard Barker, Head of Legacies at the Bible Society.

Nicola Johnson, part of the senior Leadership Team at Stewardship and is also a Trustee of international Donor Advised Fund, TrustBridge Global Foundation.

Hannah Gibney, Head of Growth and Relationships at Stewardship Philanthropy Services.

Peter Wilson, Chief Partnerships Officer at Stewardship Philanthropy Services.