CIoF – Legacy and In-memory Fundraising Conference 2022

Legacy giving: the solution to the “cost of giving crisis”?

Legacy giving is undoubtedly one of the big fundraising success stories in recent years. Over the past 30 years, legacy incomes have quadrupled in value, now raising around £3.6bn for UK charities every year. But with the threat of a recession on the horizon, how might this impact your charities legacy income and how could it affect donor attitudes to leaving a gift in a will?

In this session, our CEO Ashley Rowthorn and Jon Franklin, Economist from Legacy Futures will share the latest insights on the legacy market and what may be in store for charities as the country faces an unprecedented cost of living crisis. We will explore how donor attitudes are changing and how legacy marketing is responding, allowing charities to reach new audiences in news ways. We will also look ahead and share our latest market forecast for the sector, asking whether legacy giving will remain the resilient income stream it has been for so long, and sharing our views on how your charity can adapt and continue to grow, even in uncertain times.