In-memory fundraising after the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has brought fundamental changes to the ways people grieve for and honour the ones they have lost. Last year, video streaming at funerals, online in-memory donations, virtual LUAL events and national remembrance ceremonies hit the zeitgeist. Some of these changes are temporary, others are likely to be permanent, accelerating existing underlying trends.

What does this mean for in-memory fundraisers? What have they learned through the ‘pandemic of grief’, and how does it affect their future plans and strategies? Drawing on our latest In-Memory Insight research. We’re pleased to be chairing this session at the CIOF Fundraising Convention 2021. After a brief scene setting, we will hear from a panel of three charities, who will share their experiences, insights and plans for engaging with in-memory supporters in the post-pandemic landscape. Each panellist will share their story, then we will open up for Q&A and wider discussion with the audience. Attendees will come away armed with information and inspiration on how to reboot, or perhaps kick-start their in-memory strategy for 2021 and beyond.

Click here to view the conference agenda in full. We hope to see you there!


Kate Jenkinson, Head of In-Memory Consultancy, Legacy Futures and Sue Pedley, Head of Research, Legacy Foresight