Inspiring people to leave gifts in wills

By 2036 the number of over 65s in New Zealand will have increased by 77 per cent. There is a considerable opportunity therefore for non-profits in New Zealand to inspire this generation to consider leaving a gift in their wills. If we do this well, our causes can potentially be helped significantly, whilst our supporters can experience the psychological benefits of leaving a legacy to a cause that they care about deeply.

We are delighted to be joining The Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ) Conference 2021. Dr Claire Routley, Head of Legacy Consultancy at Legacy Voice will be presenting ‘Inspiring people to leave gifts in wills’. In this session we will focus on what the academic study of gifts in wills tells us about what inspires people to leave a gift. We’ll then consider how an understanding of those motives can be translated into effective gifts in wills fundraising practice, drawing on examples from around the world.

Participants will leave with increased knowledge about the motives underlying gifts in wills, and an initial draft of an inspiring gifts in wills fundraising message for their organisation.

To find out more and to view the full agenda, click here.


Dr Claire Routley