Watch out Boomers, Gen X is coming of age…

As we know, Boomers are a key audience and a vital future source of income for legacy fundraisers. Over the past 15 years, we have been on a mission to help legacy teams get a deeper understanding of this generation. The world has changed significantly since our last research in 2019. With Brexit and Covid, the Ukraine war and the cost of living crisis, how has all this affected Boomers attitudes and expectations? And what will it mean for their legacy giving in the future? 

Moreover, as Boomers age we need to look beyond to the next generation of legacy supporters – Generation X. The first generation to grow up with computers, this group is firmly in midlife, juggling work and family commitments. As they start to contemplate their future lifestyles and finances, they will be considering writing a will and potentially including a charitable gift. How will our legacy messages and media need to change to target this important audience? 

Join us to hear Meg Abdy and Sue Pedley share what we have learnt over the last 15 years of researching Boomers, as well as hearing from Anna Turner talk about our next stage in this research.