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Gifts in wills x in memory – making the most of the potential

Posted on 29th August 2023

At CIOF Fundraising Convention last month, Dr Claire Routley ran a session exploring the connections between in memory and legacy giving, and thinking through – with the help of people in the room – how we could make more of the linkage.

It’s already very clear that the two forms of giving are interlinked, with honouring a loved one being a core motivation for including a gift in a will.

Indeed, the connection is so strong that Legacy Foresight found that in memory donors are three times more likely than regular donors to leave a gift in their will. Their gifts are also significantly larger on average than those from people with no known in memory connection. And, most importantly, interviews with in memory supporters over the years have shown that they’re open to having the legacy conversation with the charities they support.

But how can charities encourage their in memory supporters to consider a gift in their will in a sensitive and appropriate way?

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