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Happy Christmas from everyone at Legacy Futures

Posted on 20th December 2022

To mark the start of the festive period we have a tradition of asking our newest team members to nominate a charity for our Christmas donation.

Our team share which charities they have nominated and the stories behind these gifts.

Headshot of Anna Turner

The Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families

Nominated by Anna Turner, Head of Research & Insight at Legacy Foresight.

“This is an amazing charity that supports children and young people with mental health issues and their families. They pioneer new treatment approaches and therapies, carry out research, train therapists and help develop policy and strategy for government/ NHS services.

I’ve chosen the Anna Freud Centre in honour of and in memory of my mum who was very involved with the charity for a few years as a trustee”.

Headshot of Doug Clow

The Trussell Trust

Nominated by Doug Clow, Analyst at Legacy Foresight.

“I’m nominating the Trussell Trust, to help get food to people who really need it. They’ve launched an Emergency Fund Appeal to keep their food banks going through what they expect to be the most challenging winter they’ve ever faced.

As a data scientist, one of my most cherished principles is thinking about the people behind the numbers. Since joining Legacy Foresight earlier this year, we’ve talked a lot about the cost of living crisis and how it might affect legacies. Behind that analysis, rising bills meeting falling real wages mean there is a very real, human crisis with people increasingly desperate and hungry.

At a time most of us are planning to feast, it seems appropriate to direct at least a little help towards those who would otherwise go hungry.”

Headshot of Lena Vizy

Wakker Dier

Nominated by Lena Vizy, Consultant at Legacy Futures.

“It was not an easy choice, there are so many organisations that do fantastic work and are close to my heart, but I have chosen Wakker Dier to receive a Christmas donation.

They are an animal rights organization in the Netherlands doing fantastic work to campaign for a better and more dignified life for animals in the food and farming industries.

Animals are too often seen as a commodity for profit, and our desire for cheap food can be a real cause of animal suffering.

So much of our Christmas traditions are wrapped up in the food we eat and we often don’t consider the impact this has on animal welfare. Wakker Dier shows us there are easy and simple ways we can change our food patterns that have a positive impact to the lives of animals.”

Headshot of Nancy Everson

Give Directly

Nominated by Nancy Everson, In-Memory Consultant at Legacy Voice.

“I am nominating GiveDirectly, who provide digital cash transfers to people living in poverty across Africa and America. It provides cash so that recipients can chose for themselves how best to invest and spend the money.

My donation will go to the ‘Basic Income program’ in Africa to support people in Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda.

Poverty is impacting us all, but none more so than those living in extreme poverty in Africa. I like that GiveDirectly empowers recipients to use the money in the way they need most. At a time when people are understandably having to cut back and turning more to supporting needs within the UK, I think it’s important to remember those overseas who still so desperately need support”.

Emily Grint


Nominated by Emily Grint, In-Memory Consultant at Legacy Voice.

“I would like to nominate Sustrans for my Christmas donation.

We are not only facing a cost-of-living crisis right now, but also a global climate emergency. Choosing sustainable modes of transport is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint, but this will only happen with the right infrastructure and support.

Encouraging more people to walk and cycle, particularly for short journeys, will have multiple benefits for our health, our wallets, and our environment.

Hazel Jones

Betty Game Opportunities Trust

Nominated by Hazel Jones, Consultant at Legacy Link.

“The charity I have nominated is a very small one based in Stevenage, where I live. The Betty Game Opportunities Trust aims to help mature students financially with their studies.

It was set up in 2009 by Betty’s friends in her memory following her death in 2009. 

Betty didn’t have the opportunity to go to university after she left school but was always keen on education and many years later, after years of study with the Open University, she graduated in June 1982.

The charity offers small grants to Stevenage students who need financial help, to pay for items such as the cost of books, travel, revision courses and a contribution towards course fees.

I knew Betty and was a founder trustee, although I am no longer actively involved apart from continuing to donate. As a very small charity whose officers are all volunteers, any additional funds are always very welcome but even more in these times when so many people are struggling financially.”

On behalf of the whole team at Legacy Futures, we wish you and the charities that are close to your heart, a very happy Christmas.