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Remember me for how I lived

Posted on 25th July 2023

By Emily Grint

When I die, I hope that people will remember me for my love of music, cats and the environment. These are some of the things I have loved in my lifetime, and I would be honoured to know that charities that reflect my passions would benefit from gifts in my memory. 

That’s why I wasn’t surprised by the latest Performance Benchmarking findings from In-Memory Insight, which showed that non-health charities (also known as ‘loved in life’) are definitely the ones to watch when it comes to in-memory giving.  

For the first time, charities in our non-health benchmarking group are now spending 49% more than health charities on in-memory activity. More importantly, they’ve also enjoyed almost ten times higher year-on-year growth in in-memory income.   

So what’s behind this exceptional growth, and what’s changing in the in-memory landscape?