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Watch out Boomers, Gen X is coming of age…

Posted on 5th December 2022

Headshot of Anna Turner
Anna Turner, Head of Research at Legacy Foresight

Over the next 30 years, billions of pounds are potentially coming to British charities through gifts in wills. The reason? The post-war generations are coming of age.

Today, people born before or during the Second World War account for most of the legacy donations received. But fast forward twenty, thirty years and that profile will be very different.

The post-war generations consist of three key groups.

Core boomers, (10 million babies born between 1946 and 1957), were followed by 7 million shadow boomers (born 1958-1964) and then 12 million Generation X (born 1965-1979).

Now spanning mid-life to retirement,  these three groups represent 40% of the UK population, and a prime legacy audience. 

Anna Turner, our Head of Reasearch at Legacy Foresight explores why we need to build our understanding of these vital generations, and how the landscape may change as they ‘come of age’.

Read more in her blog on our Legacy Foresight website here.